My work depicts the both the built and natural landscape of the American West. Occasionally, I render it just as I see it and other times I co mingle elements of different vistas.

In either case, the foundation all of my work is inspired by natures spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tessellations, cracks and stripes and collaged together with oil paint, dirty wax, rust, wood char, burnt paper and other detritus scraped from the well worn work surfaces in the Portland, Oregon glassblowing studio my husband and I operate.

In some of my more ethereal work the elements of scene are set by flash burning the canvas. The modulating values and sepia toned speckles of the burn patterns suggest to me elements of the landscape. Armed with a palette knife and oil paint I coax out mountains, trees, rocks and rivers adding dirty wax, detritus and crumbled rust where I see fit.

All of my paintings are created in my Portland, Oregon studio.